Lounging Lizards | Attached v Detached Granny Flats
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Attached v Detached Granny Flats

Attached v Detached Granny Flats

Attached v Detached Granny Flats


Are you ready to start building a granny flat but aren’t sure whether or not you want to attach it your current home or build it separate from your primary dwelling altogether? You aren’t alone. Building a separate dwelling comes with major benefits, but is it even possible on your property? This blog covers the factors you must consider before construction and the benefits of both an attached vs. detached granny flat.


Attached vs detached granny flats is a debate that will rage on until the end of time. In the meantime, we want to provide our customers with a list of factors they should consider when making this important decision, and some important information in regards to the type of flat that you build. In the end, your property itself might make the final decision.


First, consider your future goals


Let’s get the obvious out of the way: a detached granny is a separate dwelling altogether; literally a separate home. An attached granny is like a home within a home, and is fully attached, dependent, and accessible from your current home. Your intended use and future goals must be taken into account here. There are 3 main functions of a granny in Australia:


  • A rental property
  • A place for the kids or family to live
  • A way of increasing the sale price of your home


So the right answer for you depends on your ultimate goal. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  • Do you plan to stay in the home long term?
  • Do you want just family and children to stay in the home
  • Do you plan to rent it to students or strangers?
  • Will you sell immediately?
  • Do you mind you life being interrupted for the construction process?
  • Do you want rent in general or just sell?



The answers to these questions will determine whether or not you should attach the granny or build it separately.


Factors to Consider


When deciding whether or not to go with attached or detached, you should always consider:


  • Privacy: A separate dwelling obviously comes with greater privacy. If you are looking to rent your granny, privacy comes at a premium. Students, young professionals, couples, and retirees alike all desire some solitude, so your rental price will increase with greater privacy.
  • The view: Most customers don’t even think about it, but if your future goal is to sell your home, a detached granny shouldn’t obstruct the view from the main dwelling.
  • Aesthetics: Curb appeal matters. Will the new attached granny look cumbersome? Does it make your home look a bit too overburdened? You don’t want passersby to look and get the wrong impression. As for a detached granny, do you think you are willing to invest the money it takes to make it a viable rental or purchase option?
  • The cost: Believe it or not, it might be more cost effective to build a separate granny. This is partly due to regulation and partly due to logistics. For example, an attached granny might require all of the same construction costs plus the costs associated with demolishing a portion of your current dwelling and extending it. Not to mention the damage risk you undertake by exposing your home to the elements.


At Lounging Lizards, we realize that we are building your flat to serve your needs, not to make the most money, and that’s why we want you to understand the option that is best for you. When it comes to an attached granny vs a detached one, there are several options that you’ve got to consider. In the end, the choice might be out of your hands!


To learn more, contact Lounging Lizards today.

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