Lounging Lizards | Granny Flats Blacktown
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Granny Flats Blacktown


Interested In Building A Granny Flat in Blacktown?


A granny generates on average $300 in the Sydney Suburbs! Get started today and you’ll be making money in as soon as one month!



New South Wales wants granny flats—and lots of them.


Blacktown is one of NSW’s fastest growing and diverse suburbs, and to ease the housing crisis, qualifying plots of land can immediately build granny flats with fast-track approval.That means you can start building a detached home right in your backyard that yields up to $700 a week right away.


Building a granny in the Blacktown area is a can’t-miss investment that puts $300-$400 a week in your pocket on average, and rents keep increasing over time.


Normally, you’d have to wait up to 4 months before you start seeing a return on your investment.


But there’s a solution….


Lounging Lizards will start putting money into your pocket up to 4 times faster than the industry average!


Lounging Lizards can have your granny flat ready in as soon as 4 weeks!


You can put your flat to use in just one month’s time! No hassle. No stress. No work on your part.


You provide us the backyard, we build you the granny you’ve always wanted.


Lounging Lizards: Western Sydney’s Granny Flat Specialists




If you feel it’s time to turn your backyard into a cash machine for your family, contact Lounging Lizards today. We specialize in helping the residents of Blacktown get their construction plans approved in 10 days and flats built in just 4 weeks.


With Lounging Lizards, you get:


  • Fast Approval: Our specialists know how to navigate local government incentives and gain approval in a little more than one week. No extra work for you.
  • Superior Quality Build: We’ve put $10 million dollars into researching our patented CoreConnect system. What you get from us is quality that can’t be beat.
  • Better, Faster Builds: Not only are we 4 times faster than average, our patented system puts less strain on your backyard. The result is less interruption and money back in your pocket faster.
  • High-End Teams: Our granny flat construction specialists come from a high-end background. With years of experience working on golf courses, resorts, and high-end suites, we know how to build to meet high expectations.



Why Build a Granny Flat in Blacktown?


Located just a stone’s throw from the city centre and connected by rail to the entire metro area, Blacktown is a growing shopping, business, and residential hub in Western Sydney. For you, this means an investment opportunity that’s ripe with potential.


As the city grows, and more people move out of Sydney and into the suburbs looking for more affordable rents, your detached home will steadily increase in value. Not only is this more money in your pocket each week as demand increases, it drastically increases the value of your home should you ever want to sell. Turning your property into your own investment portal is a low-risk, high-reward investment with unrivaled returns.



Lounging Lizards will help you make the most of your backyard.


See if your home qualifies for 10-day approval in the Blacktown area.