Lounging Lizards | Granny Flat Approvals in 10 Days!!
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Granny Flat Approvals in 10 Days!!

quick building approval

Granny Flat Approvals in 10 Days!!

Council Free Granny Flat Approvals!

In NSW you no longer need council approval to construct a new granny flat on your property.

In 2009, to address the need for more affordable housing, the NSW government implemented the Affordable State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) which allows residential home owners who meet some simple criteria to build a granny flat of up to 60 Sq.m on their property without having to go through a local council DA process. 

No More Long Delays – No More Complaints From Neighbours – No More Expensive DA Bills


The SEPP Plan allows granny flats on suitable pieces of land to be approved as a complying development by a local certifier in as little as 10 days.

To qualify for a complying development you need to meet a few basic requirements.


Site requirements for 10 Day Granny Flat Approval 


  1. Your property must be zoned residential.
  2. Your land size must by 450m2 minimum.
  3. Your Land must be 12m wide minimum at the granny flats location
  4. You must keep the following distances from your back and side fences:
    1. 3m from the rear boundary (5m if the block is larger than 900m2)
    2. .90cm from side boundary (or 1.5m if the block is larger than 900m2)
    3. There must be 1.8m between your house and your granny flat if you don’t want to use a brick or fire rated cladding.
  5. Maximum height for the granny flat is 3.8m
  6. Must be 3m from any existing protected trees over 4m in height.
  7. You will require a DA if you are in flood zone, bus fire zone on BAL40 or above, or a heritage/conservation area.


If you are unsure if your property is suitable, give us a call on 1300 657 107 and we will be able to check your property online and give you a quick indication if a build is feasible.




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