Lounging Lizards | Granny Flat Approvals Northern Beaches
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Granny Flat Approvals Northern Beaches

Granny Flat Approvals Northern Beaches


Get Approved in as Little as 10 Days!


Getting your granny flat approved doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. If your land qualifies, then you can get approved in NSW in 10 days or less. Keeping reading to find out how….


In a perfect world, you would be able to set up shop, lay the foundation, and start building your custom granny flat right in your backyard immediately. Sadly, this isn’t the case.


The regulation for building a modular home can be a bit confusing, and many Australians are left wondering if the home they want is even legal.


The truth is that Lounging Lizard modular homes are 100% legal in NSW, and the process for approval is much simpler than you think. All it takes is a quick no-obligation consultation from our certified experts to determine eligibility and a tidy bit of paperwork.


Are Granny Flats Legal in New South Wales?


YES. they are 100% legal, and we will let you know exactly what you need to get approved. In most Australian states, the laws confuse most citizens and complicates the process. In NSW, the laws actually work in your favour and streamline everything. Chances are you won’t actually even need to do any real work at all.


New South Wales defines a granny flat as a self-contained secondary dwelling within, attached, or separate to a home.


A Council or accredited certifier has the power to certify your construction project as “complying development”, meaning that it is within the regulations of the State Environment Planning Policy of 2009, better known as the Affordable Rental Housing Act. If your property and neighbourhood qualify, you won’t need any extra paperwork!


But how can you be certain you qualify?


Lounging Lizards Private Certification: Deal with us, not bureaucracy


As your accredited private certifier, Lounging Lizard can determine whether or not you can get the go ahead under complying development status, taking away the extra legwork and stress involved in dealing with government bureaucracy.


The Approvals Process


As part of your no-obligation consultation, we will gather the plans and permits you need to get your project off the ground. Our process is simple to understand and quick enough to never compromise delivery times.


  • Determine if you meet the standards of the Affordable Rental Housing Act, 2009: Properties of at least 450 m2 and 12 metres of frontage automatically qualify.
  • Determine the eligibility of your zone: There are some zones where building is strictly prohibited. We will determine if you’re allowed to build on your property.
  • Attain Private Certification: A private accreditation is a much simpler and stress-free process than dealing with your Council.


What if my property doesn’t qualify?


In the event that you do not qualify as a complying development, we will lodge a Development Application with the council. This process can take 6-8 weeks.



Approval isn’t nearly as hard in NSW as most think. If that’s what is holding you back, then let Lounging Lizard handle the entire process. Our granny flat approval process can take as little as 10 days!