Lounging Lizards | Granny Flat Builders
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Granny Flat Builders


 Lounging Lizards are the Sydney’s premier granny flat builders.


A unique patented construction system, high-end craft specialists, and industry-leading build times have made us the granny flat architects of choice.


If you’re looking to build a granny flat, fonzie flat, or other detached home in the Western Sydney Suburbs, Northern Beaches, or anywhere else in NSW, our turnkey packages are the fastest way to start seeing a return on your investment.



Building a detached home USED TO BE a long and stressful process…


Until now.



  • Concierge Granny Flat Services: Lounging Lizards is unique in that we make sure there is NO extra work for you. Turnkey packages to make budgeting easy, design specialists so that you get exactly what you want, location and surveying services, and more—they all translate to better results and less work for you.
  • Lower Prices: Our patented CoreConnect system is the result of $10 million dollars of research. Fewer man hours and wholesale building material rates mean prices well below industry standards.
  • Faster Build Times: From approval to handover, Lounging Lizards can have your granny flat ready as quickly as 4 weeks. That means money back into your pocket sooner rather than later.
  • Fast Approval: Don’t worry about local council; we will handle everything. The best part? It will only take as little as 10 days.
  • No Deposit Financing: Approved purchases can get started with NO deposit at competitive rates.



Imagine What You Could do With:


  • Your own high-yield rental property: How does $300 per week in extra income sound? That’s the average rent in Sydney for a 1-bedroom granny. Save it, spend it, or give it away; it’s yours!
  • A place for mom and dad: If your parents are in their golden years, why not give them a place that they can live rent free?
  • Space for the kids: Do you have teens that are itching to get out on their own but can’t afford it? Is it time that you finally had privacy again? Let the kids get their feet wet with their own independent apartment. You control the rent!
  • A home office: Tired of wasting valuable space in your home? Is the commute getting to you? Business owners rave about the low-cost office options that a granny flat gives them.
  • A sound long-term investment: Not only do they bring in high-value rental income, building a detached home on your property is a long-term investment that will stay with your family for decades. Grannies can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to a home or more.



If you are looking for fast, reliable, and proven granny flat builders in the Greater Sydney Area, Lounging Lizards can help you get designed, approved, and built in as little as 4 weeks. Your new rental property, in-law apartment, or home office will be yours to own at 4 times faster than the industry average.


If you aren’t putting your backyard to use as a high-income rental property, then you are missing out.


See if your home qualifies for 10-day approval! Call 1300 657 107