Lounging Lizards | Hills District Granny Flats
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Hills District Granny Flats

Generate Income with Granny Flats in the Hills District


Your backyard could be making you $700 per week



Lounging Lizards makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the granny flat boom in Sydney’s suburbs. Fast tracked approval, lightning quick construction, and turnkey packages from design to construction will turn your backyard into a high-yield investment property immediately.


Granny Flat Rentals In Hills District

Hills District Granny flat rental prices in the Sydney Area are at record highs. You could generate on average $500 per week in rent and sometimes as high as $700! To make it better, prices have been increasing at over 5% per year, the highest in the nation.


Are you making the most of your backyard?


Lounging Lizards Hills District puts money back into your pocket faster


Start renting out your flat in no time at all.

  • Approval in 10 Days – Changes in regulations have made the approval process a breeze. Lounging Lizards’ granny flat wizards can have everything stamped and approved in 10 days if your property qualifies.
  • Move in 4 Times Faster – Our patented CoreConnect construction system can have a flat up and ready in as little as 4 weeks. Four times faster than the industry average.
  • Stress-Free Setup – Approval, design, procurement, and granny flat construction isn’t hard if you let someone else take care of it. From getting the city’s seal of approval to finishing the walkway up to the front door, our team takes care of the project every step of the way.


Ever Though A Granny Flat Would Be Great For?


  • A Place for Mom and Dad? – Are your parents entering their golden years and you finally want to give back to them everything they gave to you? If granny is actually living in your granny flat, you won’t owe capital gains taxes when you sell!
  • A Steady Investment? – Fonzies are famous in Australia (especially in Syndney’s suburbs) for their high rental yields, but they are also an investment in the value of your property. You can increase the value of your property exponentially with a granny flat, especially a corner lot!
  • All the Privacy in the World? – Renting a flat in Sydney is too expensive for most young adults, but keeping them at home until they’re financially mature isn’t something most couples want to do. Their own teenage retreat in the backyard will start teaching them independence and give you the privacy you’ve been wanting for years. The best part? You choose the price they pay.
  • A Home Office? – Need somewhere quiet to get some work done? Want to save money on office space as an entrepreneur? How about just setting up a man cave to watch the game in peace (remember, you’re “working”)? A granny flat will give you the freedom to work in an office that appreciates in value and will be an asset for the family for years to come.



If you feel it’s time to turn your backyard into a cash machine for your family, contact Lounging Lizards today. We specialize in helping the residents of the Hills District in Sydney get fast approval and build granny flats in as little as a month.


See if your property qualifies for 10-day approval