Lounging Lizards | Northern Beaches
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Northern Beaches

Granny Flats Northern Beaches


Designed – Approved – Constructed for Thousands Less


Lounging Lizards makes the complex process of designing, delivering, and constructing a custom granny flat on your property simple and fast. Stressed over your local council? Don’t worry, we will handle them too!


The granny flat craze is sweeping New South Wales as Aussies rush to take advantage of the high-ROI opportunity to add a rental asset to their property, build a home within arm’s reach for mom and dad, or get the kid’s out of the house and used to living on their own before they’re ready to take on a home loan themselves.


With Lounging Lizards, you can have a custom-designed modular home right in your backyard that can be assembled in as little as a week. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and sleekly designed — turn your empty backyard space into an energy-efficient asset that will pay for itself and pay back major dividends.



Turn-Key Granny Flat Builders: From consultation to construction


A granny flat increases the value of your property, creates a high-ROI rental asset, and gives you the freedom to use your extra space any way you wish:


  • Keep a watchful eye on mom and dad
  • Finally get your privacy by getting the teens out of the house
  • Rent out to travelers or people escaping the housing shortage in Sydney
  • Finally get that home office you’ve been promising yourself




But the process for designing, approving, procuring, and constructing the flat is complex, confusing, and full of difficult questions:


  • Which floor plan is best for me?
  • Is it even legal in the Northern Beaches?
  • How much will it all cost when it’s all said and done?
  • Do I have to build it all myself?
  • Can my property even handle a new building?



You can take this long, complex, and disjointed process and put it into one streamlined service.


Lounging lizards: All-inclusive, confusion-free granny flats.


At Lounging Lizards, we take the sweat and legwork out of getting that granny flat you’ve always wanted:




  • No-Obligation Consultation: We cover it all without the sales pitch. What you can expect, how the property could fit a home, the suggested usage, and your obligations as a new granny flat owner.
  • One Cover-All Quote: No surprises. No hidden fees. No unpredictable future costs. One quote covers the design, approval process, delivery, and construction. You know exactly what you will pay from day 1 and can pay in a few simple steps.
  • Spacious Floorplans: For those customers of ours who aren’t architects, you’ll love how we make design a breeze. Our spacious floorplans include multiple bedrooms, living, bath, and dining rooms fit into breathable layouts.
  • Custom Design: It’s your flat, you tell us how you want it. The colour, the finish, design, materials — we can make yours fit your property and dreams.
  • Council Approval: NSW can be a pain. That’s why we handle approval for our partners. You’ll know exactly which permits you need, if your property is suitable, and how to go about getting a “yes” from the board. We can support you every step of the way.
  • Rapid Build: Your new flat will be delivered in a few short weeks and designed to reduce on-site labour. Our gritty craftsmen can have your flat up quickly, sometimes a week or less!


If you want to start building your granny flat in the Northern Beaches, get in touch with us today!