Lounging Lizards | Owner Builder vs. Using a Granny Flat Builder: Which is Better?
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Owner Builder vs. Using a Granny Flat Builder: Which is Better?

Sydney owner builder

Owner Builder vs. Using a Granny Flat Builder: Which is Better?

Owner Builder vs. Using a Granny Flat Builder: Which is Better?

You’re ready to take advantage of this financial opportunity and get in on the granny flat boom. Great! But is it better to go it alone or hire a professional granny flat builder? Today we explore the pros, cons, and costs of both options.

Now that you’ve decided you’re going to go for it and build a granny, you’ve got to decide whether or not to use a certified contractor or get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

Being an owner-builder certainly has benefits, but so does using the pros. Here are a few of the benefits of each:

The benefits of owner building:

Being an owner-builder benefits you mainly in terms of being your own boss, saving money on contractors (sort of!), and being involved in the building/learning process.

Let’s get into more detail, shall we?

● Being your own boss: Are you a hands-on, involved, borderline control freak? If so, building your own granny is something you might be into. You call all of the shots, have the final say on materials and style (though you’d get that with the pros, too), and choose the people you work with.
● Finances: This is a tricky one, so let us explain. Yes, you do save money in the short-term as an owner-builder. You don’t have to pay a company to construct the flat for you. Having a builder put yours up “turn key” and ready to go would certainly cost more right away. But it has big financial drawbacks, too. We’ll explain that in the next section.
● On-the-job-training: If you’re a DIY guy that loves to work his hands, this is for you. You’ll get hands-on training in carpentry, designs, construction, and just about every other aspect of building a home. You’ll make every decision and be responsible for each facet of construction. If that sounds like fun, this is the option for you.

Sydney owner builder

Advantages of using granny flat builders


Choosing a professional company has its own set of benefits, a set that likely outweighs doing it alone. In general, it comes down to time, quality, and money (in a way you don’t expect).


  • Time: Professional builders have been here before and know exactly what to do. We are pros, after all. Builders can get permits faster, procure materials, and complete construction in as little as a few weeks. Instead of dealing with all of this yourself and going through the headaches, you sit back, relax, and watch the flat go up in no time.


  • Quality: No amount of training compares to experience in the field. Building hundreds of grannies has taught us exactly how to do this right. A granny flat from Lounging Lizards comes in a custom design or from a range of stunning standard designs. Our business model allows for industry-leading quality at competitive prices.


  • Money: Using a pro might actually save you money in the long run. The price tag upfront might be higher, but using a pro will both save and make you money. You’ll save time and effort, and you will make money because you’ll put rent back into your pocket faster. A granny can make you hundreds of dollars per week. Imagine if yours was complete two months quicker?


Using a granny flat builder vs. being an owner-builder comes down to your preference. Do you like to be in control of things and make every decision? Then doing it by yourself is the right choice. Do you want a turnkey solution that’s ready in just a few short weeks and saves you time, money, and stress? Then a granny flat builder in Sydney is the right decision.

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