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Granny Flats Parramatta

Interested in Building A Granny Flat in Parramatta


There are loads of ways to generate extra income with a granny flat in Parramatta.


Did you know that you could be making more than $300 a week in extra income without lifting a finger? That’s right, Lounging Lizards can have a granny flat approved and constructed on your property in a matter of weeks. That means you could be just around the corner from turning your backyard into a profit-making machine.


As a result of relaxed property laws in New South Wales, it’s never been easier to earn money with a granny flat in Parramatta. Not only are they inexpensive but their profit margins are growing every year. In fact, rent prices have been increasing at an average of 5% each year, representing one of the highest growth margins in the nation.


Lounging Lizards Can Help You Make Extra Cash With A Granny Flat.

Here’s How.


With soaring profit margins and liberalised planning rules, there’s never been a better time to invest in a granny flat. Here are some ways that you can maximize your income from your own backyard.


  • Long-term Rental– Rent your granny flat out long-term for hassle free and steady income. Long-term rentals can bring in up to $300 a week, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning sheets or managing the flow of guests. Friends, young couples, and students are all great options for long-term renters.
  • Short-Stay Accommodation– Parramatta is a transport, shopping, and seaside hub, and as such it attracts a lot of travellers and tourists. List your granny flat on sites like TripAdvisor or Airbnb to enjoy profits of up to $700 a week. Hosts around Sydney report a steady flow of guests year round, making this a huge earner.
  • The Perfect Solution for Kids at Uni– Do you have children who are attending or planning to attend university? Don’t let them pay exorbitant prices for a flat in Sydney. A granny flat can give your son or daughter the privacy they need while providing you with a bit of extra cash. You set the price and everyone wins.
  • Boost Your Property Value– Maybe you don’t know what you want to do with your granny flat, or maybe you’re thinking about moving house. Either way, the rising demand for granny flats has made them a valuable commodity. Building a granny flat on your property now can increase its value dramatically, allowing you to cash in on an equity loan or raise your asking price.


The Sooner, The Better


Have you been dreaming about earning more with a granny flat? Lounging Lizards is dedicated to turning all your money-making ideas into a reality. We offer professional approval assistance and expert construction so your granny flat can be liveable and ready to rent in a matter of weeks. Here’s exactly what they’ll do for you.


  • Approval– Step one is to get approval from the city council. Luckily, Lounging Lizards are paperwork pros and will have it taken care of in 10 days if your property qualifies. Parramatta is unique in NSW for its granny flat rules, and that’s a good thing for you! It’s council contributions are some of the lowest in the country and if your development complies, you may only have to notify your neighbours before getting started!
  • Construction– Lounging Lizards constructs granny flats up tp four times faster (and with four times more love) than the industry average. This means that you can move in or list your space in as little as four weeks.
  • Support– There’s no stone that goes unturned when it comes to the professionalism and care that go into each granny flat. Lounging Lizards will be there from point A to Z to ensure that your granny flat is legal, liveable and making you money in no time.


The earning potential for granny flats in Parramatta has never been better. Lounging Lizards will help you invest intelligently to help you earn extra money and increase your property’s value. Clink here http://lounginglizards.com.au/ for more information and to organise an obligation free assessment of your property.