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Granny Flats Penrith

Now There’s a Hassle-free Way to Build a Granny Flat in Penrith


Granny Flats are a great way to generate extra income (up to $700 a week), have a place for the in-laws to stay, or to simply increase the value of your property. Lounging Lizards are professionals in the design, approval, and constructions of granny flats, making it easier than ever to build one of your own.


But is it worth going through all the trouble to build another home on your property?


The answer is yes.



As housing prices soar throughout the entire Sydney Area, Australians are fleeing the inner city and searching for more affordable housing in the suburbs. There’s never been a better time to invest than now!



Here are a few more reasons why building a granny flat is an easier and more intelligent decision than ever.


  • Approval is a Breeze– Due to relaxed regulations in New South Wales, it’s now much easier to get approved to build a granny flat on your property. In fact, the government of NSW actually wants 200% more granny flats built!
  • Construction is Fast and Effortless– Construction can take as little as four weeks to complete. That means a minimum of noise and mess on your property before you get to start enjoying or profiting off of your granny flat.
  • Costs are low– Depending on the unit you choose, your granny flat could cost up to twelve times less than a comparable flat or home in Penrith.
  • Big Profit Potential– Profit margins on granny flat rentals are rising at a steady rate of 5% each year; that’s one of the highest in the country. Renting out your granny flat could earn you up to $700 a week, or you can use it for your own purposes and enjoy a big boost in the value of your property.

Penrith is fast becoming the centre for business and nightlife in Outer Western Sydney. Take advantage of the low costs now and make a big profit when prices soar!


Lounging Lizards Makes Building a Granny Flat in Penrith Easy


Lounging Lizards are pros when it comes to granny flats in the greater Sydney area. From legal jargon to paperwork to construction, they make sure that your granny flat is built exactly the way you want, and at an affordable price.


Lounging Lizards is one of the best choices for granny flat construction in Penrith. Here’s why.


  • Easy Approval– Don’t understand all the legal ins and outs of getting approval to build a granny flat in Penrith? You don’t have to. Lounging Lizards will take care of everything for you and in record time: 10 days if your property qualifies.
  • On-site Construction– Worried about building your granny flat? Lounging Lizards has that covered too. Their construction specialists will deliver and assemble your granny flat while you sit back and relax. Their patented CoreConnect construction system allows them to build four times faster than the industry average, so your flat will be built and beautiful in about a month’s time.
  • Expert Care– Lounging Lizards is committed to making the process of building a granny flat in Penrith as easy as possible. From the approval process to choosing the right model for you to turning the final screw, they will be there with you every step of the way.


With Lounging Lizard, building a granny flat couldn’t be easier. If you’re ready to maximize the potential of your property and start earning extra cash, now is the best time to build a granny flat in Penrith.




See if your property qualifies for 10-day approval – Give us a call on 1300 657 107